Alumni Interaction

Mr .Mayan K Sreerudran

Date -05/11/2022
Alumni – Mr .Mayan K Sreerudran
Time – 2.00 -3.00 PM
Batch – 2019-2021
Topic – Challenges faced by young entrepreneurs during initial stage of start up and new venture in manufacturing sector

Mr. Mayan K Sreedaran, Alumni of 2019-2021 batch who has added his name to the list of entrepreneurs recently also spent about 2 hrs with our MBA batch of 2021-22 & 2022-24. The topic of interaction was the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs during initial stages of startups and new venture in manufacturing sector. Mr. Mayan K Sreedaran who has joined the family business of Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Unit of KMN Vaidyasala situated at Kodungallur, after the successful completion of the MBA program. The venture was initiated by his father. And he is also discussed the pros & cons faced by him while joining the business .He given answers to the queries from students and it inturn helps them to know the challenges they are going to face while initiating a business and how they can face those challenges & solve the issues. Al though we had given an hour, still it took more than one and half an hour to complete the session. And we had received a good feedback from students with reference to this.

Ms Saliha N M

Date – 8/8/2022
Alumni – Ms Oshin P S & Ms Saliha N M
Time – 1.30 . Pm to 2.30 Pm
Batch – 2019-2021
Topic – Specialization Selection Informed choice or passion?

The alumni of HGAMS are always there with the institution if it is conduct of events or interaction with the students. This time, two of our alumni Ms Oshin PS & Ms Saliha N M of batch 2019-2021 interacted with the third semester student of batch 2021-2023 with reference to the selection of specialization. The topic of discussion was specialization selection informed choice or passion? The selection was very informative and it helped the student to select the specialization wisely. The session conducted during the afternoon of 08 August 2022, Monday.

Mr Shahin Nishad

Date -08/10/2021
Alumni – Mr Shahin Nishad
Time – 11.30- 12.30PM
Batch – 2015-2017
Topic- Investment opportunities and Challenges

The interaction between Mr Shahin Nishad and the third semester student of batch 2020-2022 was very useful to them. The session was about the importance financial services and the opportunities in current scenario for the MBA graduates. The session was conducted by Mr. Shahid who is currently associated with Motilal Oswell, Panambilly Nagar , Cochin in the cadere of RM and also a alumni of HGAMS from batch 2015-2017

Ms Aswathy K Bharathan

Date -08/10/2018
Alumni – Ms Aswathy K Bharathan
Time – 1.30- 2.30PM
Batch – 2014-2016
Topic- The journey of an Human Resources Executive

Ms Aswathy K Bharathan, alumni of batch 2014-2016 interacted with the final year students who is currently working as HR Specialist – Talent Acquisition, India Operationa at Momenta Group Global, Bangalore. She shared her experience and the challenges she faced while choosing a HR job. The session was very fruitful to the students those who were in search for HR as her/ his career. The session was conducted during the afternoon session.